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Virtual Office: the future of business?

Gepubliceerd: 10/05/2021

It seems the Virtual Office is going mainstream. Many businesses are now interested in having their business address in Amsterdam without all the stress and high costs of renting a physical office space. In the past, a brick-and-mortar office was the status quo. Why is that changing?

2020: The year of working from home

Since everything was shaken up by the Covid-19 pandemic, office spaces were forced to change the way they operate. For over a year now, it has been impossible to gather together in-person, and those working in offices had to shift much of their work to the online space. As it turns out, most of the tools needed for employees to perform their work are accessible remotely. Meetings can be done via video chat, and files can be stored and shared in cloud-based services. These virtual office spaces were new to many, and so there was a stressful adjustment period for businesses worldwide, but now it seems that most companies have gotten into the flow.

2021: Remote work may be here to stay

Now we are (hopefully) putting the worst part of the pandemic behind us. More and more people are getting vaccinated and businesses are slowly starting to reopen. But, people don’t seem to be flooding back to the office just yet.

Surprising statistics reflect the shifting structure of businesses since the beginning of the pandemic. In the Netherlands, more than two-thirds of workers have stated that they would like to continue to work from home after the pandemic, at least some of the time. As it turns out, these flexible working arrangements that were tested out during the Covid-19 period are surprisingly beneficial in many ways. A 2-year study has shown that remote work actually does not decrease productivity or quality of work.

If the work is still done properly and employees actually enjoy the flexibility, why should people go back to the physical office when everything reopens? Especially considering the fact that a business can save on the costs of renting an office space, travel to and from the office, and all the other things that one must pay to keep the physical location up and running, it seems impractical to keep a physical office space.

Because of this, many businesses have stated that they will continue with at least some remote work in the future, either fully shifting to the virtual space or opting for a hybrid model. However, in the Netherlands, many companies are not fully prepared for this shift, and so establishing a solid (online) infrastructure and new incentive / hiring policies will be crucial in this time.

The future: A virtual office for your business

But, even with most work being done remotely, companies still need to have a business address so that clients can visit them or contact them, they need a kvk registration address to register with the chamber of commerce (CoC), they need a mailing address, and they may need a space to occasionally meet in-person and do their work. With a Virtual Office from Allspace Amsterdam, all of this is possible. Your company could have a business address in Amsterdam without renting a physical space, and when you need the space, you can use our flex desks or our meeting room. A Virtual Office can even be used if you are not located in the Netherlands – you could be anywhere in the world, working remotely, and use our address for your business correspondence.

Renting a virtual office may be a solution to the high costs incurred by your company for renting a physical location, especially as the world shifts forward into a new era where remote work becomes the norm. We don’t know if it will stay like this forever, but for now it seems you may want to jump on the bandwagon in these ever-changing times!

If you are interested in renting a virtual office at Allspace Amsterdam, contact us — we have the lowest rates in Amsterdam!

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